History of the Buoy oven

Author: John Shelley
April 8, 2014

The goal for this oven was to replicate the design principles of clay and brick wood fired ovens using a metal sphere that could be welded together onto a trailer.  The inner dome of this oven is a round propane tank cut in half. The outer dome is a huge mooring buoy.  Between the two domes is a thick layer of crushed basalt/high temp mortar mix surrounded with high temperature resistant  insulation. The crushed Basalt gives the oven more mass allowing for it to get hot and stay hot. All this rests on a fire brick hearth insulated below with vermiculite/cement mix. The inside of the oven can be cooking above 700 F with the outer dome warm to the touch.

Those interested in wood fired ovens should check out these information sources.  All were essential in the planning of this project.

“Build your own Earth Oven” by Kiko Denzer

“The Bread Builders” by Daniel Wing and Alan Scott.

Forno Bravo Web Forum – Steel dome thread.  Very good information on the construction and layring of metal domes.